Vida Health, a provider of cardiometabolic virtual healthcare, now offers Musculoskeletal (MSK) Pain Relief as part of its comprehensive virtual solution. The evidence-based, personalized program was designed by in-house doctors of physical therapy and addresses subacute and chronic lower back pain, one of the most common MSK conditions.

Integrated into Vida’s cardiometabolic-focused, body-and-mind approach to care, Vida’s MSK Pain Relief Program brings a human-led approach combined with a digital therapy exercise program to address the problem of MSK pain. Led by coaches and supervised by physical therapists, the virtual program targets the root cause of what keeps people in pain and lowers levels of functional ability.

By treating body and mind together, Vida’s methods break the cycle of pain, depression, and functional loss. The program helps prevent escalation of care such as injections, opioids, scans, and surgery, enabling populations to achieve meaningful pain relief and employers to see cost savings.

Vida’s program addresses physical pain together with mental health. Simultaneous interventions like lower back pain treatment, stress reduction, and cognitive behavioral therapy result in better outcomes and more cost savings than traditional siloed care. As with Vida’s other programs, the complete MSK Pain Relief Program will be available to members in both English and Spanish.

“Almost everyone has had a time in their lives when physical pain took a toll on their mental health,” said Vida’s MSK Clinical Operations Director James Pickle, PT, DPT. “Traditional physical therapy is great at addressing the physical side of this pain but physical therapists aren’t trained to deal with the mental health side. Vida’s unique approach of teaming up mental health professionals and physical therapists is the best option to actually address these issues, and truly treat the whole person.”

Vida’s MSK Pain Relief Program treats the body and mind together for better outcomes. Video calls with specialists, self-guided on-demand video exercise modules, screenings, and progress tracking for both physical and mental health work together to reduce pain and prevent further flare-ups. With its network of licensed professionals spanning 50 states, Vida also coordinates care with members’ primary care physicians as needed to ensure a seamless member experience.

[Source(s): Vida Health, Business Wire]