UnitedHealthcare, the country’s largest commercial health insurer, announced a major shift in its coverage policies during the COVID-19 pandemic: Beginning immediately, the payer will reimburse physical therapy delivered via telehealth services. The change is the most wide-ranging payer acknowledgement of PTs as qualified telehealth providers to date, and it moves UHC well past CMS’ and a few other payers’ current waivers allowing for limited “e-visit” digital communications between PTs and patients.

The new benefits are set to end on June 18 and are subject to state laws and regulations around telehealth, but, if permissible, they enable PTs, occupational therapists, and speech therapists to provide true telehealth services and use their typical billing codes. Eligible codes will be reimbursed by UHC with a place-of-service code 02 and the 95 modifier.

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