Gadsen, Alabama, has been ranked the best city in the United States for physical therapists to practice, according to a new report compiled by healthcare recruitment specialists ProCare Therapy.

The top 10 cities, which were determined and scored based on national wage, cost of living, and employment data, are:

  1. Gadsden, Alabama
  2. Kokomo, Indiana
  3. Bay City, Michigan
  4. Saginaw, Michigan
  5. Cumberland, Maryland
  6. Homosassa Springs, Florida
  7. Rocky Mount, North Carolina
  8. Scranton, Pennsylvania
  9. Abilene, Texas
  10. Sebring, Florida

Gadsen tops the list by boasting the highest average salary for physical therapists, when adjusted for the cost of living.

The findings also reveal that Kokomo, Indiana, offers the best employment opportunities; the Eastern US dominates the list, with Abilene, Texas the only city west of the Mississippi; and Michigan and Florida each claim two cities on the list.

“With low living costs, high salaries and great employment opportunities, Gadsden is an especially great place to be a physical therapist, says ProCare Therapy VP Stephanie Morris, in a media release

“Although each state will have its own exciting opportunities, we were struck by the dominance of cities in the Eastern states. This is likely because of the low cost of living and affordable housing, relative to which the average salaries on offer are excellent. The employment opportunities for Physical Therapists also tend to be highest in these cities,” she adds.

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[Source: ProCare Therapy]