Home healthcare providers in Florida can now use scheduling and staffing solution AxxessCARE to complete their patient visits. They currently will only be able to post visits for nurses, but will have the ability to post visits for physical therapists soon.
Axxess is methodically introducing AxxessCARE to fine-tune the platform and processes before introducing it to the entire industry. Its pilot phase included agencies in Texas, Illinois, and Massachusetts, the company notes in a media release.

“Through AxxessCARE, home healthcare providers can schedule their own staff, and when needed, extend their staffing capabilities and grow their business through access to qualified clinicians to meet patient needs. At the same time, clinicians enjoy a more convenient way to work,” says John Olajide, founder and CEO of Dallas-based Axxess, in the release.

AxxessCARE is integrated with Axxess’ secure, HIPAA-compliant software platform AgencyCore, engineered to help agencies post visits for qualified professionals.

After downloading the AxxessCARE mobile app through the Apple App Store or Google Play, clinicians can apply for visits after background checks and license verifications have been completed. Agencies then have the flexibility to review and select the most appropriate clinician for each posted visit.

Through AxxessCARE, agencies can view clinician profiles, competencies, expertise, availability, and ratings at any time. In addition, they can communicate with interested clinicians, post visits, and coordinate care in real time.

AxxessCARE also features electronic visit verification, designed to help agencies know when visits are complete so they can review documentation, process payments, and rate performance, the release continues.

“With AxxessCARE, agencies can grow their business by accepting more referrals, testing new markets and, most importantly, matching qualified clinicians with patient needs,” Olajide states.

[Source(s): AxxessCARE, PR Newswire]