WebPT, a rehab therapy platform for enhancing patient care and fueling business growth, has launched Message Manager—a communication platform that enables seamless and secure collaboration with any external healthcare provider.

Designed to optimize operations and elevate care coordination for rehab therapy practices, Message Manager empowers customers to effortlessly manage all inbound and outbound communication—whether via digital fax or Direct Secure Messaging (DSM)—directly within the WebPT platform. By leveraging Message Manager, clinics can easily convert more patient referrals, cultivate stronger relationships with referral sources, and enhance HIPAA-compliant care coordination.

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“WebPT Message Manager represents a significant advancement in revolutionizing collaboration for rehab therapists within the broader healthcare ecosystem,” says Andrea Facini, chief product marketing and growth officer at WebPT. “This powerful tool makes rehab therapists more visible within hospital-based referral sources, but it also reduces the time between referral and care delivery, driving improved patient outcomes and transforming the way clinicians deliver care.”

Key features of WebPT Message Manager include:

Automatic Conversion: Message Manager automatically converts inbound faxes and DSM within the WebPT platform, eliminating the manual and time-consuming process of picking up documents from fax machines and uploading them into the EMR. This automation saves valuable time and enables front-office resources to be allocated more efficiently, while also reducing office expenses such as toner, paper, and dedicated fax lines.

Fortified Referral Sources: With DSM, clinics can strengthen relationships with referral sources who prefer to exclusively send referrals to DSM-enabled clinics to meet their Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) requirements. Additionally, DSM-enabled clinics gain increased visibility through an automatic listing on the DirectTrust Provider Directory, offering valuable exposure to potential referral sources.

Enhanced Care Coordination: Interoperability is a critical aspect of modern healthcare, enabling seamless communication and collaboration among various healthcare stakeholders. Message Manager’s DSM capabilities expedite communication for referrals, records, results, and other critical information, thus improving care coordination with external providers. The prevalent use of DSM as the primary form of communication among physicians (39%) and nurses (45%) further emphasizes the importance of adopting this efficient method.

“By breaking down communication barriers and fostering collaboration, Message Manager provides a unified platform that advances the cause of interoperability within the field of rehab therapy,” adds Facini. “This, in turn, will help expand patient access to rehab therapy, contributing to better health outcomes and the overall success of rehab therapy businesses.”

Message Manager leverages a high-powered communication application programming interface (API) from Kno2. The Kno2 network enables the secure, effortless, and maximized exchange of patient information across patients, providers, payers, and IT vendors. By leveraging Kno2’s Communication API, WebPT aims to provide the most advanced, easy-to-use, and affordable software offerings to all physical therapy providers.