Trainer Rx, a San Francisco Bay Area-based developer of medical software solutions for the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries, announces on its website the availability of the Trainer Rx cloud-based rehab platform.

According to the company, the HIPAA-compliant app is diagnostic specific and is designed to deliver individualized rehabilitation and recovery pathways. Via the app, guidance from injury through recovery is delivered step-by-step using cloud-based audio, HD video, and text-driven computer algorithms.

The release notes that the app is also designed to “learn and adjust” to each patient.

Michael Oberlander, MD, Trainer Rx founder, states in the release that, “Our goal is to simplify the process for medical professionals treating musculoskeletal injuries to get their patients to actually do the rehabilitation exercises necessary for full recovery.”

Mike Ricci, CEO of Trainer Rx, concurs, noting that, “Employing this software, medical practitioners will enable patients to more actively engage in their recovery process regardless of time constraints or location, to enhance the likelihood of full recovery.”

For more information, visit Trainer Rx.

[Source: Trainer Rx]