Portland, Ore-based Clinicient Inc announces that Momentum Physical Therapy has upgraded its practice-management software to TotalInsight.

According to a media release from the company, Momentum has used Clinicient PracticeInsight software since 2013, but it decided to upgrade in order to automate virtually all of the manual processes involved with the capture, management, and collection of patient treatment revenue, as well as the resulting billing and collections intelligence.

The release notes that the physical therapy practice achieved this upgrade a month before the arrival of ICD-10.

“We upgraded to TotalInsight in September 2015. Yes, a mere month before the arrival of ICD-10,” says Vangie Field, practice manager at Momentum Physical Therapy.

“We upgraded our system during a time of great stress in healthcare. We’re proud to announce that we simultaneously completed both the ICD-10 transition and conversion to TotalInsight beautifully, without any disruption to our billing or collections,” she adds.

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[Source(s): Clinicient Inc, PR Newswire]