Healthcare services today demand operating efficiency as well as top patient care. Physical therapy clinics nationwide are looking to practice management tools—such as software designed for PT clinics—to help meet those demands. A variety of software solutions have been created to enhance efficiencies across the enterprise from those that make billing and scheduling run smoothly, to those that support highly accurate documentation and clinical measures. The market offers some of the strongest tools to date for practice management, which makes it an optimum time to explore the advantages of upgrading or investing in a new software solution.


ReDoc powered by xfit is a cloud-based rehab therapy EMR from Net Health, Pittsburgh. It is fully integrated PT/OT/SLP documentation and scheduling. Practice management tools, reporting, outcomes benchmarking, integrated home exercise program, and automated appointment reminders make measuring patient engagement and success simpler than ever. An acute care module provides an interactive real-time patient management board and more. Expert coaching leverages patient data and shows how to conquer complex workflow challenges. Designed to help practices keep it all connected and drive compliance with highly intuitive software that anticipates an expansive scope of needs. Net Health reports that its solutions serve 98% of the nation’s largest hospital systems.

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Fully Integrated Practice Management

TherapyRehab Plus by Raintree Systems, Temecula, Calif, is engineered to be a fully integrated Practice Management & EMR platform built specifically for the Therapy industry. With a full suite of software tools for providers, administrators, and billers, TherapyRehab Plus is built to be a complete business software platform for any therapy practice—regardless of size. Designed to be intuitive and simple, TherapyRehab Plus can streamline all aspects of a practice, simplify billing processes and give practice administrators the tools, resources, and reports needed to manage complex and growing therapy practices with the goal of helping to increase revenue and improve patient care.

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Cloud-Based Practice Management

For practices that may be looking for something different, or are ready for something new, MWTherapy, Wellesley, Mass, offers MWTherapy software as a unified solution that breaks away from cookie cutter systems. MWTherapy is complete, 100% cloud-based practice management software. MWTherapy features highly customizable EMR, full scheduling, built-in billing, HIPAA compliance, automated text/email patient reminders, e-fax, home exercise programs, outcomes reports, MIPS, HEP, and more. For more than a decade, MWTherapy has been providing practices with tools to help them move forward. MWTherapy is a solution engineered and built from the ground up with the practice in mind, and aims to deliver quality, affordability, and honesty. Online demos can be scheduled to help clinics learn about all that MWTherapy has to offer.

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Practice Perfect EMR + Management Software

Practice Perfect, with offices in New York City and Concord, Ontario, Canada, offers Practice Perfect EMR + Management Software as a solution that can maintain clinical records, monitor Accounts Receivable, track payment promises, automate schedules and waiting lists, remind patients electronically about their upcoming appointments, alert users to non-compliant patients, report on outcome statistics, track referral sources, and evaluate clinician productivity and key operational benchmarks. Ensure completion of easily entered daily notes and charges, automate MIPS, and integrate with FOTO. Automated texting campaigns to clients can help find lost revenue. Practice Perfect EMR + Management Software is built to provide functions that can help lower costs and can enable practices to go paperless, store client documents for easy retrieval, and enjoy fully customizable documentation.

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Clinicient INSIGHT

Clinicient INSIGHT from Portland, Ore-based Clinicient is a single-system EMR/billing platform that populates data across both clinical and financial functions, providing clarity and integrity in reporting and claims. Products that lack these capabilities may lose revenue from underbilling and denials, or have a significant amount of payroll devoted to nonbillable tasks such as verification, review, and appeal. Clinicient’s simple, smart, and seamless EMR/EHR for physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy is engineered to put everything users need right at their fingertips to engage patients, document defensibly, and bill completely and compliantly.

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Billing & Revenue Cycle Management

Rev-Ignition, Temecula, Calif, provides the benefits of revenue cycle management (RCM) software, coupled with billing and collection services, and much more. Fully integrated, custom configurable certified EHR designed for adult and pediatric rehab. Rev-Ignition’s professional business consulting and business analytics combined with scheduling, billing, portals, dashboards, and custom-tailored billing and collections services strive to make this the total practice solution for providers.

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Outcomes Management System

FOTO is a predictive analytics-based outcomes management system that captures and reports nationally benchmarked, risk-adjusted comparisons by company, clinic, and clinician over time—to improve patient care and facilitate clinician oversight. Patient-reported outcomes compare treatment effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction by impairment in real time. FOTO’s solution utilizes sophisticated computer adaptive testing (CAT) to provide efficient and precise condition-specific measures of function. Digital assessments are launched to patients via email or completed on-site. FOTO measures are NQF endorsed and recognized by CMS for Medicare compliance. Use FOTO for MIPS reporting in 2019 and beyond.

For more information, contact Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes Inc, (800) 482-3686;


Adaptable EMR for Rehab

TheraOffice, Westmont, Ill, created TheraOffice software to be an exceptionally adaptable EMR for rehab. With scheduling, documentation, billing, and clinical reporting capabilities, utilize one platform to manage an entire practice. The fully integrated, single sign-on application is built to enable improvement in clinical workflow processes and overall business performance with a focus on striving to achieve compliance that exceeds today’s evolving billing requirements. Whether it’s developing quicker revenue cycles, efficiently adhering to documentation standards, or customizing the software to fit a practice’s unique treating style, TheraOffice’s goal is to provide all the tools needed to assure a successful and effective business model. As an HL7-compliant solution, TheraOffice supports multi-deployment architecture, allowing practices to choose between on-site and cloud-based hosting.

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