XRHealth, formerly known as VRHealth, announces a partnership with VirZOOM, a provider of virtual reality exercise and training products.

VirZOOM sells its VR Fitness solutions in partnership with Life Fitness. Collaborating with XRHealth will allow VirZOOM’s new VZfit VR exercise solution to be incorporated within the XRHealth platform, which includes analyzing user data, remote access for medical professionals and caregivers, etc, to see how exercise has impacted a user’s healthcare objectives, according to a media release from XRHealth.

“By harnessing the immersive power of VR, VirZOOM’s VZfit platform offers unique, fun, new VR-based activities that consistently motivate regular cardio exercise to consumers who need special motivation to get the regular cardio exercise that they know they need, but are not getting today,” says VirZOOM co-founder & CEO, Eric Janszen, in the release.

“We are delighted to partner with XRHealth to extend the wellness benefits of VZfit to medical applications, including rehabilitation and physical therapy, and through the XRHealth platform deliver valuable insights into patient responses to VZfit.”

XRHealth’s flagship product, the VRHealth Platform, is offered to healthcare facilities and provides them with VR medical apps, including cognitive assessment and training apps, motor function apps, pain management apps, and behavioral apps. The VRHealth Platform is particularly useful for medical professionals since they can analyze their patients’ data in real-time to track their recovery both on site and remotely, the release continues.

“Exercise is a major component of maintaining health as well as improving and rehabilitating from a health condition,” states XRHealth CEO Eran Orr.

“The partnership with VirZOOM will make their exercise software available to our users and also track how their exercise regime is affecting their overall health goals.”

[Source(s): XRHealth, PR Newswire]