A Cross Country Education webinar, titled “Overuse Injuries: Considerations for the Young Athlete,” will discuss overuse injuries in athletes and explore preventative measures for tendinopathy and stress fractures. The webinar will investigate the current literature in regard to these two types of injuries. Participants will learn the definitions, etiologies, treatment, and—most importantly—the prevention of them through modifiable factors. The overall goal is to underscore the need for injury prevention for patients.

The course objectives include accurately describing the overlap between traumatic and overuse musculoskeletal injuries as well as the most appropriate preventative measures for tendinopathy. Participants will also be able to accurately contrast the characteristics and preventative measures for the four types of grade fractures and two types of risk fractures. Course participants will also be taught to recall two issues with the definitions for overuse injury and correctly list the three stages found in the newest theory of tendinopathy.

Kerry Holt, PT, DPT, will be the presenter for this educational webinar. The online event is presently scheduled for October 17 and October 31. For more information on this webinar, visit www.crosscountryeducation.com.

[Source: Cross Country Education]