A 1-day course available through North American Seminars combines home study training from a professionally filmed and mastered DVD with online access, with face-to-face interactive instruction and hands-on lab sessions. The North American Seminars website notes that the course has been designed to maximize the learning experience by blending the self-paced online/DVD home study materials with a focused hands-on training session in the classroom.

Explore the course brochure to learn more about the “Pilates Rehab Intervention Strategies” course.

The North American Seminars website notes that the proper integration of Pilates principles for orthopedic, neurologic, and geriatric populations will be presented during the online educational course and reinforced with a 1-day hands-on training session supported with lecture. Case study presentations with discussion of the supporting theories of Pilates exercises are integrated into the live and online materials.

The Expert HD video is intended to demonstrate, with narration, more than 80 Pilates techniques and exercises and is delivered online and with a DVD. The live session reinforces these concepts and techniques and provides comprehensive lab sessions devoted to learning, properly executing, and cueing Pilates mat exercises. Small apparatus, including foam rolls, Swiss balls, and rings, will be used during lab exercises for modifications and advancements, the site adds. Participants will receive a comprehensive manual containing information on the evidence-based practice of Pilates in rehabilitation (including references to current research articles, types of exercises, effectiveness of Pilates, comparison of Pilates with other forms of exercises, and the use of Pilates in various patient populations) and a professionally filmed and mastered interactive DVD with online access.

The DVD and online course aim to assist the therapist in understanding the fundamentals of Pilates and how to incorporate the principles into a rehabilitation setting.

Specific exercise categories that will be presented include preparatory exercises, mat exercises, standing exercises, exercises with Swiss Ball, exercises with foam roll, exercises with ring/circle, exercises with bands, and exercises with Bosu trainer.

Course objectives include discussing the latest evidence-based research for integrated Pilates in the orthopedic, neurologic, and geriatric populations, demonstrating understanding in the practical application of Pilates exercises extended to a variety of conditions and diagnoses that are presented in a case study format. Additional objectives include understanding the progression of some of the basic mat exercises, with and without props, with discretion of patient appropriateness, and actively performing and demonstrating basic Pilates mat exercises that can be implemented in the rehabilitation setting.

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[Source: North American Seminars]