A new course available through Great Lakes Seminars is designed to provide participants a new way to view treating the soft-tissue system of the upper quarter (neck, upper back, and arm). The course’s focus, according to the Great Lakes Seminars website, is to combine MyoFascial Release, passive and active movement, and functional movement.

The “Myofascial Release: Upper Quarter Functional Integration” course will be held in October and December of 2015. Visit the website for specific dates and locations.

During the course, the site notes that participants will learn to diagnose and treat the myofascial system of the upper quarter while integrating the peripheral nervous system, the fascial system, and the muscular system of the upper quarter. The site states that participants will be able to walk away from the class with an ability to perform fascial release techniques to the tissues of the upper quarter based on Releasing With Movement. The technique, it adds, incorporates direct muscle releases while lengthening and shortening the muscle both passively and actively. This technique is also intended to allow the dysfunctional motor units to normalize and immediately start working in normal functioning patterns.

Objectives for the course include stating the underlying principles of MFR for the upper quarter and being able to apply them to a patient in a treatment setting; demonstrating proper technique for hand placement and level of force for Releasing With Movement for the upper quarter; demonstrating proper technique for therapist positioning and patient positioning; and demonstrating proper technique for Releasing With Movement for the upper quarter.

For more information, visit www.glseminars.com

[Source: Great Lakes Seminars]