Redcord offers training sessions across the country for therapists interested in learning more about neuromuscular activation (aka Neurac), which aims to restore movement patterns, reduce pain, and improve function in patients via suspension exercises.

A therapist at a workstation performs the Neurac treatments. The workstation features suspension slings and elastic bungee cords that support the patient’s body weight throughout each movement pattern. This allows the therapist to adjust the amount of resistance and neuromuscular challenge applied during these exercises, in order to avoid the interference of pain and muscle compensation, according to Redcord.

Neuromuscular activation can be used to help reduce or eliminate pain, help ensure one’s musculoskeletal system is active and strong, and help athletes maintain a high level of performance.

For more information about the system, to learn about the equipment involved, and to enroll in a training session, visit Redcord.

[Source: Redcord America]