A live course centered on “Neurological Concepts Kinesio Taping” is available through Hands-On Seminars and slated for July 26 in Astoria, NY. The KT4 Neurological course, according to the Hands-On Seminars website, builds on and expands techniques learned in the organizaiton’s KT1, KT2, and KT3 courses. The course is designed to outline variations in nervous system status.

Attendees will develop treatment strategies and practice extensive Kinesio Taping techniques to address a wide range of issues encountered with treating patients with neurological diseases. The site notes that the course considers additional physiological systems that impact patient considerations when working with the trunk and extremities. Developing, recovering, and deteriorating nervous system patients are investigated, strategies are planned, and Kinesio Taping techniques are practiced.

Course objectives include classifying three nervous system status types and expectations for therapeutic intervention, developing treatment strategies, based on CNS status, and utilizing Kinesio Taping applications to obtain desired results. Additional objectives include practicing specific, advanced, Kinesio Taping applications, including the EDF technique to the trunk and extremities after CNS status is determined; understanding sequential progression of Kinesio Taping techniques when treating adult neurological patients; differentiating the rationale for Kinesio Taping applications used with adult neurological patients versus other patient types; and finally developing successful, rationale-based strategies to treat the deteriorating nervous system patient.

Visit the Hands-On Seminars website for more information, including course requirements.

[Source: Hands-On Seminars]