Healthpointe, a multidisciplinary healthcare organization offering medical services in California, is providing hands-on clinical training via clinical rotations to physical therapy students at Chapman University. According to a Healthpointe news release, physical therapy students at Chapman University, located in Orange, Calif, will be shadowing Healthpointe specialists and providers throughout their daily clinical routine, which will allow them to develop clinical experience as well as learn professional preparation.

Physical therapy students at Chapman University will gain insight into various patient care techniques and expand their knowledge of the clinical field. Healthpointe will also teach important qualities and values to the students, such as compassion, and commitment, in an effort to increase their confidence and independence as physical therapist, as indicated on the Healthpointe news release. Healthpointe aims to ease the transition from the classroom to the clinic.

The Healthpointe news release notes that the organization has a high interest in assuring that students have a positive educational experience and that students meet their educational objectives during the clinical rotations program. Chapman University physical therapy students can visit Healthpointe’s office in Garden Grove, Calif, and gain hands-on clinical training.

Source: Healthpointe