Innovative Therapy Concepts now offers the ITC Performance Scorecard, a no-cost way for clinics to help measure their financial performance and see how well they are–or are not–performing.

Joseph M. Sapp, PT, founder and chairman of ITC, says in a media release that his company developed the program after years of seeing – and helping – dozens of underperforming PT and other therapy clinics.

“There’s a clear need for a program that gives clinics a snapshot of how they compare against benchmarks,” Sapp says. “With the Scorecard, ITC fills that need, and gives clinics a data-based look at their financial potential.” 

Here’s how it works, the release explains: 

·         DATA-BASED … BUT SIMPLE The therapy clinic provides six basic data points, then ITC uses its proprietary assessment and comparison benchmarks to develop a Scorecard.  

·         REVEALING … AND EASY TO GRASP ITC delivers the Scorecard with letter grades (A+ through F)  in six key areas that drive clinic success … or underperformance:  outcomes, scheduling, efficiency, and more. This approach enables results to be shared and understood at a glance.

·         DRILL DOWN … TAKE ACTION The ITC Scorecard also delivers vital data:  how a clinic measures up against national averages, actionable recommendations, and how much revenue that clinic could be generating. 

For more information, visit Innovative Therapy Concepts.

[Source: Innovative Therapy Concepts]