DialogTech, a provider of AI-powered call tracking and conversation analytics solutions for enterprise marketers, announces the results of a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting. 

The study suggests that while consumer phone calls to businesses are on the rise since the onset of COVID-19 and convert at higher rates than other forms of engagement, many marketing organizations lack visibility into their call channels, leading to blind spots and untapped opportunities. However, those marketing organizations able to leverage intelligence from phone conversations at scale are better positioned to improve marketing ROI, customer experiences and revenue growth, a media release from DialogTech explains.

Marketing Decision-Makers Surveyed in Study

To evaluate how marketing organizations are adapting to changes in consumer behavior, including an increase in phone calls to businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, Forrester surveyed marketing decision-makers at companies with 20 or more locations in healthcare, financial services, insurance, retail, automotive and other industries. They found that as marketers increasingly value consumer phone calls as a critical source of insights, they are shifting their strategic focus to leveraging intelligence from those conversations to reach their goals, the release continues.

“Marketers today need to understand consumers to deliver the best experiences to convert them to customers.

“Insights from first-party data is the key, and one of the richest sources of first-party data for marketers to tap into are phone calls to their businesses. By unlocking intelligence from those conversations at scale, marketers can understand and adapt to changing consumer behavior, make smarter campaign optimizations and deliver more frictionless online-to-offline experiences to increase marketing ROI, improve CX and grow revenue.”

— Doug Kofoid, CEO of DialogTech

Survey Findings

The results from the survey and recommendations for marketers are published in the new study entitled Unlock Voice-Of-The-Customer Insights From The Call Channel To Fuel Marketing And Drive Revenue. Some of the findings include how:

  • Phone calls to businesses are valuable conversions — and they are on the rise. 87% of marketers report an increase in phone calls to their business in the past 12 months, and 84% say phone calls result in higher conversion rates with larger order values than other forms of engagement.
  • Phone calls are still a blind spot for enterprise marketers. While 85% of marketers agree that insights around consumer phone calls are even more necessary given the onset of COVID-19, 70% find the transition from digital to phone calls a major blind spot in their customer journey analytics.
  • Enterprise marketers plan to invest more in conversation intelligence. 89% of marketers find that leveraging intelligence from phone calls to their business is imperative to staying competitive, and 86% plan to increase their investment in conversation intelligence solutions over the next two to three years.

ATI Physical Therapy sees strong results using DialogTech’s conversation intelligence solution to attribute, analyze and optimize phone calls to its 900+ clinics, according to the release.

“Phone calls are a significant part of how we generate appointments, so ensuring our marketing is driving those calls and our clinics are converting them is critical to our success.

“With intelligence on our call channel from DialogTech, we are not only optimizing how our marketing channels and ad spend drive appointment calls, but we are also analyzing call handling performance at our locations to detect and correct issues before they impact conversion rates and revenue.”

— Brett Groom, CMO of ATI

[Source(s): DialogTech, PR Newswire]

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