Medical Fitness Solutions (MFS), a provider of active rehabilitation modalities for treating patients and residents, has introduced the Total Solutions Program to address aging-related health issues. The Total Solutions Program is a five-pronged program designed to maximize outcomes and minimize healthcare costs for providers. According to an MFS news release, the program aims to address health care system problems by providing a coordinated solution to reverse osteoporosis, balance disorders, and circulatory issues, as well as mental decline.

The Total Solutions Program is comprised of five highly integrated products to deliver synergies associated with improved quality of life and lower medical costs: bioDensity, Power Plate, Korebalance, the Nautilus ONE line, and CyberCycle, according to the MFS news release. The bioDensity device provides a cornerstone to the program by reversing bone age and statistically reducing osteoporotic fracture by large measure, as noted in the MFS news release. The Korebalance balance assessment and training products are engineered to improve vestibular and proprioceptive function.

The MFS news release indicates that Nautilus strength machines, another component of the Total Solutions Program, are used in more than 1,000 long-term care and rehabilitation centers in the United States. Nautilus equipment features 1-pound increments and range-of-motion adjustments for orthopedic rehabilitation and treatment of sarcopenia. The final two components are the CyberCycle, which features mental challenges during cardiovascular exercise, and the new Health Care model from Power Plate whole body vibration.

The MFS news release notes that whole body vibration is a modality that has been shown to positively affect circulation, range of motion, insulin and HGH, control pain, reduce visceral fat, and insure patient compliance.

Dean Sbragia, CEO of MFS, says, “With over 90% of the health care dollar being spent on individuals over 65 years old, implementing the Total Solutions program provides the double benefit of improving quality of life for the resident and patient, while reducing related health care costs.”

[Source: Medical Fitness Solutions]