Drew Brees, quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, joins Performance Health in its campaign, called “Safer Pain Relief,” to help inform Americans about existing, non-prescription solutions for pain relief.

Healthcare professionals joining Performance Health on the campaign include Dr Kevin Wilk, who treated Brees after he sustained a career-threatening injury, according to a media release from Performance Health.

As part of the campaign, Brees will speak about the dangers of misusing opioids to relieve his pain and the opportunity, in many cases, to use alternatives, such as Performance Health products, including Biofreeze and TheraBand, in his training and pain management regimens.

He will also be featured in national television and digital advertisements for Biofreeze called “OverDrewing It,” in which they will show Brees using Biofreeze to help manage his everyday aches, pains, and strains.

In choosing to partner with Brees, “We were excited to realize that we share core values and a common purpose with Drew and view him as the embodiment of our recipe for success—using professional care and the brands professionals trust to feel good again after injury, perform better than the year before and live a truly great life,” says Performance Health CEO Mike Orscheln, in the release.

”I think the way to get away from opioids is to do it using healthy alternatives. A huge part of me feeling great going into my 17th season has been the resources and mentorship of my physical therapists,” Brees says, in the release. “They taught me how to rehab injuries safely, and now I’ve got a routine that, once a week, no matter how my body is feeling, I use Biofreeze and TheraBand for preventative maintenance.”

[Source: Performance Health]