Performance Health, Akron, Ohio, has announced the relaunch of, formerly known as

A company news release reports that the free, enhanced US-audience website is designed to offer users improved functionality and enhanced features. The release also notes that in addition to focusing on TheraBand, the Academy will now begin to offer resources for Performance Health’s expanding portfolio of interconnected brands, including Active Ankle braces, Biofreeze pain reliever, Bon Vital’ massage topicals, Cramer sports medicine, and Thera°Pearl hot/cold wraps.

In an effort to avoid confusion, the release notes that the website will reference both Performance Health Academy and TheraBand Academy during the transition.

The Academy website is built to serve as a resource, connecting healthcare professionals and consumers to a growing body of knowledge about exercise, research, and techniques related to Performance Health products. Registration is free, the release says, and in addition to the new content, the site will continue to provide access to the largest database of TheraBand exercises, protocols, research, and education.

Phil Page, PhD, PT, ATC, CSCS, FACSM, global director of clinical education and research for Performance Health, explains that the Academy is intended to store the “evidence to support clinically proven Performance Health products.”

“The site’s content, which is provided and reviewed by healthcare professionals and researchers, adds value to the patient/healthcare provider relationship and encourages connectivity and communication. In addition to accessing research, professionals can use the site to create customized exercise programs that can be printed or emailed to their patients and clients,” Page says. He adds that the site’s content also offers almost 2,000 references and more than 800 exercises.

Enhancements to the website are demonstrated in the following video.

These enhancements include: the ability to add a functional activity drop-down menu (called “Function”) to the exercise search tool, allowing users to more easily locate an exercise by searching common movements, and add a Techniques tab to the home page to allow users to easily find clinical techniques, such as those for kinesiology tape.

The website has also been enhanced to include techniques to exercise program building and printing capability, offering patients a fuller set of tools and instructions to take home, and users now have the ability to add an Evidence Based Practice search category to the research tab, in order to filter for specific research that supports the use of Performance Health products.

[Source: Performance Health]