Omron Healthcare Inc introduces Total Power + Heat, a portable device that combines TENS technology with heat to provide pain relief from exercise strain or daily activity.
The recently FDA-approved device features an easy-to-read display; six preset body pain modes for arm, lower back, leg, foot, joints and shoulder; and three massage modes, each with 20 levels of intensity. Gel pads connect to the device and heat up to 110 degrees for on-the-spot warmth. Users can customize their pain therapy by using a combination of TENS plus soothing heat or TENS alone.

“Total Power + Heat uses proven TENS technology for pain relief with the added benefit of heat therapy, which is shown to help relax muscles and alleviate both pain and stiffness,” says Ranndy Kellogg, president and CEO of Omron Healthcare, in a media release from the company.

“We made this device customizable to address different personal preferences and levels of pain and designed it to be portable for personal use on-the-go,” he adds.

[Source(s): Omron Healthcare Inc, PR Newswire]