Kathi Fairbend, MS, RPT, has a message for those experiencing depression: Your mood, energy level, and outlook on life can depend on your posture. Literally.

“Posture affects mood directly, and mood affects posture directly,” says Fairbend, author of Stand Up to Depression, in a media release.

Fairbend has developed a series of home exercises that lead to sound posture. As she writes in the release, sound posture is unconsciously interpreted by the mind as evidence that one need not feel weighed down or burdened by life, that one has reason to be confident and that one can meet challenges head on, along the way. 

For many, she adds, improved posture = improved mood. She wants establishing that connection to be part of her professional legacy.

“It has been so rewarding for me to use my physical therapy knowledge to impact mental well-being,” Fairbend says, in the release. “I think it is time for those with depression to be referred not only to psychologists, social workers, and psychiatrists, but also to physical therapists. 

“Their bodies are perpetuating their low mood and hopelessness by providing constant negative feedback to their minds. Their bodies store their depression. When I reverse that negative feedback loop and give people the tools to stop looking depressed, it tells the mind that life is getting better. It tells the mind that confidence is being renewed. 

I know that other physical therapists can be trained to provide this kind of care, too. But for now, Stand Up to Depression is my way of getting needed information directly into the hands of depressed individuals and their families,” she continues. “The key information and key exercises can be learned and performed at home.”

[Source(s): Kathi Fairbend, PR Newswire]