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Integrated Rehabilitation Improves Gait and Balance

Biodex Medical Systems, Shirley, NY, provides physical medicine devices engineered to work together seamlessly to address balance, strength, cardiovascular health, and confidence—an integrated rehabilitation approach to improving gait and balance. This is the premise behind Biodex Balance & Mobility and its Fall Risk Screening and Conditioning Program. Facilities can expand their rehabilitation capabilities and at the same time accelerate rehabilitation time, maximize staff, and provide objective documentation. Measurable, reported progress is necessary in this changing environment. The clinical efficiency of using Biodex technology aims to improve outcomes and help reduce the rate of readmissions. Documenting efficacy to hospitals can make a rehab provider an attractive partner for value-based and bundled episode payment models.

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Vector Gait and Safety System

Based in Valencia, Calif, Bioness Inc offers the Vector Gait and Safety System as a ceiling-mounted, robotic technology designed to maximize rehabilitation strategies, promote faster recovery, and increase independence while minimizing risk to both patients and clinicians. The Vector system is UL certified to handle patients who weigh up to 500 pounds and is built to accommodate track designs up to 400 feet. Likewise, the Vector System offers a two-stage product training program to ensure expert competency. Created to be a pioneering, overground gait and safety system, the Vector System can help improve a patient’s mobility and functional independence by tracking their movement and off-loading a precise amount of body weight during rehabilitation.


Dynamic Stair Trainer

Patients can get into a cycle of avoiding stairs, which ultimately can lead to reduced quality of life. To avoid this, therapists can help motivate clients to achieve confidence, ability, and pride while training on the Dynamic Stair Trainer with electronically adjustable steps, available from Clarke Health Care Products Inc, Oakdale, Pa. Push-button controls adjust steps in 1-centimeter increments from flat platform to 6½ inches. Optional adjustable handrails, long handrails as well as ramps that convert to three additional steps are available. New DSTCompact offers the same features in a smaller footprint to maximize floor space, while the new DSTPro provides electronic charting. The Dynamic Stair Trainer is built as a tool to help therapists do their best job.

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GAITRite / CIR Systems Inc

Based in Sparta, NJ, CIR Systems Inc is the exclusive source and distributor of GAITRite Portable Walkway Systems. GAITRite products measure the temporal (timing) and spatial (2-dimensional geometric position) parameters of its pressure-activated sensors. Truly portable, the standard GAITRite System is designed to set up easily in 75 seconds. GAITRite Systems can perform quick data capture, analysis, report generation. GAITRite Classic, GAITRite RE, GAITRite Basic, and GAITRite CIRFace Systems range from entry-level small clinical practice systems to walkways for complete gait lab applications. All systems can provide exportable data for footfall, gait cycle, walk, and test-level measurements, and are designed to provide meaningful data in a range of disciplines. GAITRite has been used in numerous studies over the years. The company reports that a wide range of publications are generated annually using the systems.


Overhead Gait & Mobility Trainers and Rehab Harnesses

Gorbel Inc-Medical Division, Fishers, NY, offers body weight support systems for rehabilitation and safe patient handling. The company’s flagship SafeGait 360° Balance and Mobility Trainer is a ceiling-mounted dynamic body-weight support and fall protection system that features Patient Management Software to track performance by session and task. The new SafeGait ACTIVE Dynamic Mobility Trainer is built as a cost-effective, non-robotic fall protection system that enables full dynamic movement without being limited to movement in the horizontal plane. Another new product, the SafeGait EMBRACE Rehabilitation Harness, was designed in collaboration with therapists to address traditional harness “pain points” and enhance comfort during gait, balance, and falls management exercises.


Andago Mobile Robot Training

The Andago from Hocoma, Norwell, Mass, is a mobile robot for body-weight-supported overground gait training that allows upright, hands-free walking without spatial limitations. Andago’s combination of self-directed gait, dynamic body weight support, and mobility enables safe, intensive, and versatile training of gait and balance tasks in various environments. Created to help patients prepare for daily life, Andago’s compact dimensions support step training and offer high mobility. Patients can move from room to room in a self-directed way. No installation or building modification required. Intuitive workflow aims for a quick and easy therapy start and simple integration into clinical routine.

MicromedicalVideo Recording Goggles

Observe and record one or both eyes during assessment of a dizzy patient or while performing vestibular rehabilitation therapy with Chatham, Ill-based Micromedical Technologies Inc’s RealEyes xDVR. The company has written special software for this product to allow clinicians to input patient demographics and digitally record eye movement videos. Available in monocular and binocular configurations, RealEyes xDVR video goggles are designed to be ideal for eye movement observation and recording during Canalith Repositioning maneuvers or BPPV Therapy. The software also controls the built-in fixation light and allows single-click centering of the eyes while a room camera provides a picture-in-picture display.


Train Balance, Coordination, and Weight-Bearing

Q-pads, an interactive balance rehabilitation system from Mobility Research Inc, Tempe, Ariz, are built to provide the user and clinician visual feedback via a pressure-sensitive surface and bright multicolored LED lights. Design activities to fit the patient’s functional level and training needs. Work on motor and cognitive skills. With feedback that aims to motivate, users may find the device easy, flexible, and fun to use. The system can be expanded with more pads to increase challenge. Made for use on the floor or mounted on the wall for more therapeutic options. Can be used with the LiteGait, a safe and effective environment for treating patients with a wide range of impairments and functional levels. LiteGait provides fall free support, proper posture, assists with balance and facilitates the training of coordinated lower extremity movement.

Perry_Dynamics_PROPRIO 5000

Reactive Balance System

The PROPRIO Reactive Balance System from Perry Dynamics, Inc, Decatur, Ill, features a multi-directional, multi-planar reactive platform with motion camera analysis to evaluate, train, and challenge the ability to maintain balance. The OptiTrack motion capture cameras measure core movements in six degrees of freedom for biofeedback and testing. The therapist controls the speed, degrees of tilt, and movements of the platform to meet the needs of each patient or can select one of more than 60 pre-designed protocols. Users can vary foot placement on the 36” diameter platform to provide functional training. Biofeedback capabilities can be used to help assure proper body kinematics while strengthening stabilization muscles necessary to maintain balance. The PROPRIO System is a versatile balance system for both neurologic and orthopedic needs.


Zeno Electronic Walkway

Available from Havertown, Pa-based ProtoKinetics, the Zeno Electronic Walkway (Zenometrics) powered by PKMAS software (ProtoKinetics) is a popular “gait mat” technology used worldwide. Exceptional versatility is engineered into this equipment that can capture balance, walking, running, jumping, turning, sit-to-stand, TUG, etc. The literature indicates more falls occur during transitional movements than during straight-line walking; in addition, postural control, dynamic balance, and transitional gait performance [starting, turning, braking] are critical components to quantify in clinical practice. That is why the company developed the PKMAS Primary Gait Screen (PGS). The PKMAS PGS addresses transitional movements in a single test (typically performed in less than 1 minute). It is built to be extremely easy to administer and offers immediate results that require no editing.

Solo-Step_Balance Board

Track System

The Solo-Step Track System, from Solo-Step Inc, North Sioux City, SD, consists of a high-performance, overhead aluminum track and trolley mounted to the ceiling. An attached harness provides support for patients during all aspects of physical therapy, including sit-to-stand, gait training, and balance training. These therapies can be performed with just one therapist, reducing staff time and workers’ compensation claims.

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Accurately Assess Balance & Sway with SportsAT

New Sports AT 2.0 software from Tekscan Inc, South Boston, Mass, is made to provide essential information for complete balance and concussion assessments. Users can evaluate, rehab, and assess balance all within Tekscan’s Sports AT Software. Initiate balance training exercises using the balance compass in the software to quantitatively measure postural stability and control. CoF movement and velocity provides insights into postural stability and fall risk assessments. SportsAT offers key insights for a variety of different applications including balance, sway, concussions, lower limb injury assessments, and more.