Biodex Medical Systems Inc, Shirley, NY, has introduced a comprehensive education and training program featuring a series of interactive eLearning modules, hands-on workshops, evidence-based clinical protocols, and training webinars geared toward outlining the applications of Biodex Physical Medicine devices in a functional setting.

A company news release reports that eLearning, the latest addition, has been developed for owners of Biodex Physical Medicine devices. The tutorials are designed to provide training about how to set up a device, navigate the software, perform testing, and interpret results. The modules are intended to make it convenient for users to learn at their own pace and allow them to continuously advance staff knowledge, train new personnel, or reach the next level of application. The release notes that currently, eLearning tutorials are available for most Biodex devices including the System 3 and 4 Dynamometers, Balance System SD, portable BioSway, FreeStep SAS, Gait Trainer 3, and Unweighting System.

In addition to the expanded education and training programs, the company will be exhibiting the LivMD Vibration Plate at the APTA Combined Sections Meeting, booth #1329. The device is built to improve a wide range of conditions, including balance and muscle health, circulation, posture, and pain reduction. The release adds that LivMD can be used for stand-alone therapy or as part of a rehabilitation program.

[Source: Biodex Medical Systems Inc]