The height-adjustable minder Laptop Power Stand, from Los Angeles-based wellness company obVus Solutions [ob-vee-uhs], is a sit/stand desk designed to help users save their necks while working.

It was recently named “Best Overall” by Wired magazine, receiving high marks for its sturdy, light design, variable height and angle positioning, and its ability to easily go from desktop to standing desk, no additional equipment required.

“We’re pleased that the product experts at Wired recognized the standout features of the Laptop Tower Stand. As more consumers are tasked with finding ways to work and study from home, we want to be part of their wellness journey as we seek to build better habits, from practicing good posture to the management of stress and other healthy behaviors.”

— obVus Solutions CEO Ken Rosenblood

The minder Laptop Tower Stand is designed to allow users to position their laptop at a range of heights and positions, so users have the flexibility of either sitting or standing – without a standing desk. It is compatible with laptops from 11 inches to 17 inches and weighs only 4 pounds, and features a sturdy, light, sleek aluminum design that allows for positioning and portability. Additional features are top air vents to increase airflow, cooling and prevent overheating, as well as rubber pads to elevate the laptop for additional airflow.

For more information, visit obVus Solutions.

[Source(s): obVus Solutions, Business Wire]

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