Karuna Labs announces the release of a new virtual reality-based therapy module for the lumbar spine, designed to offer a treatment alternative for chronic low back pain.

The module is part of Karuna’s Virtual Embodiment Training technology, which incorporates Graded Motor Imaging (GMI), cognitive behavioral therapy, and corrective exercises from physical therapy that focus on performing activities of daily living.

Using Oculus Quest VR and HTC Vive headsets, the technology delivers chronic pain management programs that aim to help patients return to their daily routines and improve their quality of life.

A series of updated modules addresses various areas of the body, including the newest one targeting lower back pain. The sessions retrain the brain to perceive movement as non-threatening, increasing adherence to the treatment plan and, ultimately, improving range of motion over time, Karuna Labs explains in a media release.

“Low back pain is increasingly becoming the number one chronic pain injury we’re seeing patients come to us with, which makes this targeted module particularly important for rehabilitation,” says Lincoln Nguyen, CEO of San Francisco-headquartered Karuna Labs, in the release.

“Our modules take a biopsychosocial approach to chronic pain, tackling it from the psychological, biomechanical, and environmental aspects that create an association between a movement and pain. Current studies show promising response to our modules in helping patients regain quality of life and breaking the cycle of pain.”

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[Source: Karuna Labs]