PSO-RITE is a new line of recovery and self-massage tools designed to help users improve their recovery time, relax during stressful moments, and overall feel better.

This line includes the PSO-SPINE, designed to target the back and spine muscles; the original PSO-RITE intended to target the hip flexors and psoas muscle; PSO-STICK, a customizable massage stick; PSO-MINI for hard-to-reach spots; PSO-BACK, which can help release muscle tissue and trigger points surrounding the lower spine; and the PSO-NECK, designed to be the hardness of a therapists’ thumbs to penetrate the exact areas where trigger points develop in those hard-to-reach upper back and neck muscles.

The products are designed to mimic the hand and elbow of a massage therapist while relieving stress and stiffness in the muscles and body, improving blood circulation, and enhancing recovery and performance. Their stable structure gives users the ability (no matter the size or shape of their body) to target the hard-to-reach psoas muscle and any part of the body that holds muscle tension, according to the company.

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