Kathi Fairbend, MS, RPT, has teamed up with a Johns Hopkins trained physician and invented a unique device that could bring dramatic relief to millions who suffer with knee pain, elbow pain, and heel pain. It’s called a KneeCap Therapeutic Compression Wrap, and it looks like a baseball cap, but is made of stretchy Neoprene and contains a reusable cold pack. That means it is able to compress, cool and comfort knees, elbows, or heels while allowing people to stay mobile. 

“Over the years, I have had numerous patients of mine resort to tying or taping on a baseball cap and a baggie filled with ice in an attempt to decrease pain and inflammation in their knees, elbows, and heels. Nothing else seemed to really surround the affected joints. So, I thought, why not make a device that looks like a baseball cap, but is made of stretchy Neoprene, is adjustable with Velcro tabs, soft stretchy straps, and contains a reusable cold gel pack? My friend who trained as a doctor at Johns Hopkins said, ‘Let’s do it!’ So, we did. And, now, after two years of development, it is finally available online at TheKneeCap.com.”

KneeCap Therapeutic Compression Wraps are patent-pending. Its brim is made of special material chosen to conform to a person’s anatomy, while still being rigid enough to comfort the nerves, muscles, and tendons above or below the aching joint. KneeCap Therapeutic Wraps can be worn with the brim pointed up towards the ceiling or down towards the floor, depending on where targeted relief is needed. 

“Different conditions will respond better to targeted compression either above or below the joint,” Fairbend says. “Osteoarthritis is a different condition than gout, bursitis, or Osgood-Schlatter Disease. The trouble has been that traditional knee sleeves and elbow sleeves don’t allow people to decide which area—say the shin or the thigh—to target with extra and adjustable compression. And most devices that ‘ice’ joints limit mobility while using them. KneeCap Therapeutic Wraps allows people to walk or drive while wearing them. No more sitting around to ‘ice.'”

Fairbend sees KneeCap Therapeutic Wraps as one of the highlights of her career treating professional athletes, corporate CEOs, physicians, and others. “For many years, I have wished someone, somewhere would come up with a device that could surround painful, aching, inflamed joints and cool them, compress them, and comfort them all at once, while also compressing the areas either above or below them. That’s why I decided I would invent it myself!”

[Source(s): KCEPT Inc, PR Newswire]