Cryo Innovations Inc has been approved for a Federal General Services Administration (GSA) contract to supply the US Military, as well as government facilities, with whole-body cryotherapy, the Newport Beach, Calif-based company reports.
“We are pleased to partner with V.P. International Supply to provide the US government, military, and veterans a safe, affordable cryotherapy solution. We’ve seen the results of the XR on hundreds of athletes. Now, our service men and women will have a serious competitive advantage,” says Cryo Innovations CEO and founder, Keith Scheinberg, in a media release.

Cryotherapy whole-body treatment is used to reduce inflammation and promote recovery from tissue damage. When the body is exposed to minus 230 degrees Fahrenheit temperature, it reacts by releasing anti-inflammatory proteins and endorphins, thus supercharging the blood.

The treatment’s benefits include immediate relief from joint and muscle pain, improved energy, better sleep quality, increased flexibility, a reduction in anxiety and depression symptoms, and skin rejuvenation, the company suggests in the release.

[Source(s): Cryo Innovations Inc, Business Wire]