Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO), along with 30 Twin Cities and Western Wisconsin-area hospitals and surgery centers, are partnering to lead a quality initiative to focus on better patient outcomes.

TCO and its partners are working to drive the adoption of the American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR) at local area hospitals, including those within Fairview Health Services and Ridgeview Medical Center.

A media release from TCO explains that the AJRR, which was created in 2010, provides unbiased data on joint-replacement procedures and their long-term results. By collecting and reporting data, the AJRR provides actionable information to guide physicians and patient decision making to improve care.

“Having a joint registry empowers health care organizations to enhance the patient experience and benchmark performance,” says Gary Wyard, MD, chief medical officer, Twin Cities Orthopedics, in the release. “Having good metrics helps us set up standardized protocols and order sets, which in turn yields better outcomes.”

The knowledge sharing that the AJRR provides helps orthopedic surgeons to reduce complications and revision rates, which in turn allows health insurance companies to effectively manage costs, the release continues.

“The goal is to achieve better outcomes at a lower cost to the patient,” Wyard shares in the release.

“Fairview’s involvement in the American Joint Replacement Registry will provide us with another source of quality data so we can continuously improve,” says Bradley Beard, Fairview Health Services, Regional President, South Region, in the release.

“Ridgeview and our surgeons will use this data to continue to improve our exceptional surgical outcomes and quality of orthopedic care we provide to our patients,” states B.J. Buckland, Director, Emergency and Surgical Services, Ridgeview Medical Center, in the release.

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[Source: Twin Cities Orthopedics]