Curvy Girls is publishing a new book titled Straight Talk Scoliosis – The Journey Continues by Theresa Mulvaney and Robin Stolz, LCSW. National Scoliosis Center’s (NSC) Founder and President, Luke Stikeleather, acted as a contributor. The book will be available in the Spring of 2022 at Straight Talk Scoliosis.

Scoliosis is a lifelong condition and those diagnosed, as well as their families, are often overwhelmed trying to understand what scoliosis is, how it can be treated, and what support is available to help them on their journey. Straight Talk Scoliosis – The Journey Continues is a comprehensive book that aims to provide encouragement, reputable treatments, and the skills necessary to deal with the special challenges that scoliosis-involved families face.

The authors, Terry and Robin, worked with countless medical professionals and individuals diagnosed with scoliosis in order to provide insight into the journey of scoliosis on a personal level, while also providing important information regarding treatment, bracing, physical therapy, and the best medical practices. NSC is proud to support this book and what it will provide to those who have been diagnosed with scoliosis, their families/friends, and anyone interested in the impact of scoliosis. 

Curvy Girls is a network of peer-led support groups that reduce the emotional impact of scoliosis by empowering girls through education, mutual support, and acceptance. Members are encouraged to become leaders, make healthy lifestyle choices and improve self-esteem, all while giving back to the scoliosis community.

With this book, they set out to provide insight into the scoliosis journey from multiple perspectives, ranging from teens with scoliosis, parents with children who have been diagnosed with scoliosis, healthcare professionals, and those who can provide psychological support and guidance. The book also provides individual memoirs in order to demonstrate the uniqueness of every person’s scoliosis story, while also highlighting how each journey includes strength, courage, and determination. 

Mr. Stikeleather and National Scoliosis Center understand that a diagnosis of scoliosis and the idea of wearing a brace can be worrisome. They continue to work with organizations, such as Curvy Girls, to ensure those impacted by a scoliosis diagnosis have reliable resources that provide them with the necessary information to feel informed, supported, and empowered to make the best decisions possible for their treatment and their family.

[Source(s): National Scoliosis Center, PR Newswire]