Santa Rosa Orthopaedics (SRO), Santa Rosa, Calif, recently announced the opening of its new satellite medical office and Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center, slated for April 1. A news release from the organization notes that the new 11,000 square-foot space is intended to provide ample space for an advanced rehabilitation area, private exam rooms, and diagnostic imaging. The release notes that the outpatient surgery center is located downstairs and the new Sutter Hospital is adjacent to the new office.

According to the release, SRO physical therapists and occupational hand therapists treat more than 2,000 patients yearly. SRO’s new facility is intended to allow physicians to deliver personalized, collaborative treatment for each individual patient with input from physical therapists and surgeons who share the same location.

The satellite office will host appointments for patients from the Hand Center, Foot and Ankle Program, the Total Joint Replacement Program, as well as the Total Spine Health Program. The release says SRO offers patients in-house diagnostic imaging, rehabilitation, sports injury prevention, as well as advanced surgical treatments in joint replacement, sports medicine, spine, trauma care, hand and upper extremity, foot and ankle, and general orthopaedic surgery.

When SRO’s new Mark West Springs office opens in April, SRO will close its Stony Point office. The Montgomery Office located at 1405 Montgomery Drive adjacent to Memorial hospital will remain open.

Source: PRWeb