A foot-worn device featuring biomechanical technology targets sustained relief of knee and back pain, without the use of drugs, injections or surgery. According to the company’s website, AposTherapy is a personalized and non-surgical program for knee and back pain, and uses a foot-worn biomechanical device individually calibrated by licensed physical therapists specially trained in its use.

A recent news release from the company also notes the AposTherapy treatment system centers on a computerized analysis of a patient’s gait, and the use of a foot-worn biomechanical device the patient wears around the home or other locations for one hour a day. During the course of a few months, the release says the device is engineered to bring the body back into proper alignment, reducing pressure and strain on the painful areas in the joint and retraining the muscles to adopt a healthier pattern.

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Source: AposTherapy