OPUM, developer of the Digital Knee sensor and clinical data standard, has partnered with Corflex Global, a premium orthopedic bracing manufacturer, to digitize knee assessments in order to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction while streamlining clinic operations.

Digital Knee sensor technology is integrated into a range of Corflex’s orthopedic products to address the full knee care continuum, from injuries suffered by young athletes to chronic knee pain due to osteoarthritis and along the recovery journey after knee replacement surgery.

The Digital Knee standard encompasses key clinical knee measurements and their accuracy levels such as terminal flexion/extension as well as gait and activity analytics. These insights provide clinicians the visibility needed to make faster and more decisive decisions, leading to immediate savings to healthcare systems as well as informing new personalized treatment protocols through a better understanding of population data.

“Orthopedic care has been delivered using the same consultation-based model since its inception in the 18th century due to the necessity to perform physical examinations. Telehealth is now widely accepted, even expected, however the key to unlocking huge efficiency gains and more responsive care is access to clinical-grade examinations outside the consultation room,” says Andrew McDaid, founder of OPUM.

Early results have also demonstrated the Digital Knee platform improves patients’ retention to knee bracing and physical therapy interventions, resulting in better patient outcomes, patient loyalty and clinic productivity.

This partnership will deliver a turnkey orthotic and remote patient monitoring solution including reimbursement billing and first-line clinical monitoring. This enables providers to simply deploy a commercially viable RPM program without disruption to their current practice.

“We are excited to be digitizing orthotic care with the Digital Knee platform which has already been proven to deliver positive outcomes to patients and providers. We will utilize our joint expertise to create new wearable monitoring products to meet unaddressed patient needs,” says Ted Lorenzetti, owner of Corflex Global.

[Source(s): OPUM, Business Wire]