The Arthritis Foundation releases Vim, a mobile app to serve as a new tool for people living with chronic pain. The app is a direct response to the chronic pain reported by patients in the Arthritis Foundation’s ongoing Live Yes! INSIGHTS study, it notes in a media release.

Features include personalized pain management strategies, pain tracking formulas to help patients facilitate conversations with their doctor, and motivation encouragements and rewards to help patients set attainable movement goals. It also includes a supporting network of other people facing similar challenges.

Vim was created as a holistic approach to managing pain – putting an emphasis on how pain can severely impact a person’s mental and emotional health, according to Steven Taylor, Executive Vice President of Mission & Strategic Initiatives for the Arthritis Foundation, in the release.

“Our research shows that chronic pain is pervasive – affecting every aspect of a patient’s life,” he says. “By providing a community of motivators, Vim supports the mental and emotional health of patients – which is the first step in managing chronic pain and living a fuller life.”

Inspired by Patient Experiences

Each component of the app is inspired by patient experiences highlighted in the Arthritis Foundation’s How it Hurts report.

“Living with psoriatic arthritis for nearly all my life, I’ve had to get creative with how I journal my pain. Sometimes I find it difficult to go to my doctor and talk about my arthritis because I can’t remember the past two days, let alone the past three months.

“I love how Vim prompts me to check-in with my pain every day. And now I have a tool to take to my physician to help update my treatment plan.”

— Katie Roberts, 45, who is based in Maryland

People living with arthritis are encouraged to participate in the Arthritis Foundation’s Live Yes! INSIGHTS study to share their experience. For more information about the inspiration behind Vim, download the How it Hurts report, the release continues.

Vim is available on Google Play and in the Apple App Store.

[Source(s): Arthritis Foundation, PR Newswire]

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