Lingraphica, The Aphasia Company, has introduced the iPad app component of TalkPath Therapy, its integrated cloud-based speech therapy solution for adults with aphasia. Aphasia is a speech disorder that affects the ability to speak, write, or comprehend language, and is typically acquired following a stroke or traumatic brain injury (TBI). According to a Lingraphica news release, the company is offering the subscription-based solution, available on the iPad and the Web, for free during its extended trial period.

TalkPath Therapy was designed under the guidance of a team of speech-language pathologists and the company conducted significant usability testing with members of its Lingraphica Aphasia Users’ Group, each of whom is working to rebuild speech lost because of stroke, as indicated on the Lingraphica news release. The company’s own research shows that with continued practice using TalkPath Therapy’s proprietary icons and content, users can recover language lost to due to a stroke or other brain injury.

The TalkPath news release notes that clinicians using TalkPath Therapy have access to extensive reporting features including task-based reports and detailed activity reports. These features are designed to make it easy to show improvement and adjust plans in real time.

The Lingraphica news release indicates that with one account, users can access more than 4,600 scientifically designed speech therapy exercises online or offline from the iPad and online from a web browser. Andrew Gomory, CEO of Lingraphica, states, “TalkPath Therapy is a truly mobile speech therapy solution that meets the needs of individuals with aphasia and their clinicians.”

Gomory adds, “We are always looking to create solutions that help individuals communicate and re-connect with their loved ones. Whether it’s our speech-generating devices or our new TalkPath Therapy, we keep adults with aphasia, their caregivers and the clinicians who help them in mind at all times.”

Source: Lingraphica