Patient engagement platform Pack Health and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society announce their partnership to optimize and implement a patient-centered digital health coaching program for patients with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Pack Health aims to apply learnings from the collaboration with the National MS Society to the enhancement of their existing programming designed to support individuals living with MS and deliver meaningful outcomes.

Patients with MS often feel overwhelmed and need support. The complexity of the disease also magnifies challenges for those in underserved communities. Addressing social determinants of health is critical for improving health and reducing longstanding disparities in health and health care for individuals living with MS, a media release from Pack Health notes.

“We are proud to partner with Pack Health to expand quality dedicated support for people who live with MS. Together we can make greater impact on the nearly 1 million people living with MS in our country regardless of geography, disease progression, and other disparities.”

— Elaine Liserio, National MS Society, AVP of Educational Programing & Resources

Pack Health helps patients create sustainable changes in health behaviors to close gaps in care, increase quality of life, and improve outcomes. Upon sign-up, Pack Health members are matched with a personal Health Advisor who provides one-on-one support through phone calls, texts, and emails. Over the duration of the program, Pack Health members learn tangible, achievable methods to improve condition self-management, while receiving ongoing resources to help them overcome barriers caused by social determinants of health.

National MS Society clinical experts have reviewed Pack Health’s MS program to ensure it effectively serves the needs of the MS community. Pack Health’s MS program has demonstrated notable outcomes, including increased physical activity, reduction in MS relapse, and significant impact on both behavioral and psychosocial outcomes in those living with MS, the release continues.

“We are thrilled to expand our partnership with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to extend patient-centered, evidence-based support for individuals living with MS. We look forward to providing meaningful support to individuals with MS, as well as addressing social determinants of health to drive the equitable delivery of care and support.”

— Megan Martin, MPH, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Pack Health

[Source(s): Pack Health, PR Newswire]

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