Tekscan Inc introduces the F-Scan64, a wireless in-shoe pressure mapping system designed to collect gait data for clinical research.

F-Scan64 is designed for clinicians and clinical researchers seeking a simple and fast in-shoe gait analysis solution. Featuring quick-connect, Bluetooth-enabled data acquisition electronics, F-Scan64 allows for natural gait data collection free from cords and restrictions of movement.

It features an ultra-thin (0.3 mm thinness) and flexible pressure-sensing array of 64 sensing points that fits within the patient’s shoe. After a simple set-up and Bluetooth-connection process, pressure feedback from the sensor relays wirelessly to a PC-based software as the patient walks. The software captures pressure, force, and temporal gait data, while also providing users access to the raw data for analysis, a news release from the Boston-based company explains.

An Ideal System

“Patients have busy lives. We developed F-Scan64 to help for clinicians and clinical researchers stay efficient when working with patients, without sacrificing the quality or accuracy of their gait data,” says Rubino. “F-Scan64 users can set up and begin collecting in minutes.”

— Alyssa Rubino, Product Manager for Tekscan’s Medical Division

F-Scan64 also features six different sensors pre-sized to fit most adults. This could save the clinician or researcher the extra step of trimming sensors to each patient’s shoe size.

F-Scan64 scans at rates up to 100 Hz, which is sufficient for a variety of gait analysis applications, Rubino adds.

“F-Scan64 is appropriate for measuring pressure and force during certain dynamic activities like walking, squats, or lunges. But we also support using it for pre- and post-rehabilitative treatment applications, or assisting in orthotic or corrective footwear selection and design.

“The sensors are reusable and will last for multiple trials, depending on the application.”

F-Scan64 also provides users with the ability to export into multiple research-friendly file formats, including ASCII, Rubino adds.

For more information, visit Tekscan.

[Source: Tekscan]

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