The Spartan, an assistive gait training tool designed for use by people with spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, or have experienced a traumatic brain injury or a stroke, is now available, according to ReneGait.

Daniel Campbell, founder and president of ReneGait, designed the Spartan after sustaining a spinal cord injury himself. He invented the Spartan to aid both physical therapists and participants in activity-based therapies.

The Spartan allows the participant to be safely manipulated and achieve a cyclical stepping motion with little to no falling risk. Using external, internal and reaction forces the Spartan helps strengthen atrophied muscles and delivers neuromuscular re-education. With the assistance of the Spartan, participants can practice stepping without upper extremity support, moving from sitting to standing, balance, weight shifts and knee control, and proper posture, a media release from ReneGait explains.

“You don’t realize the difficulty of rehabilitation until you are in that room, working to regain motor function yourself,” Campbell says, in the release. “My rehabilitation faltered when I lacked the tools needed to improve. But I used my challenges and experiences to craft the ideal mechanism to facilitate recovery.”

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[Source(s): ReneGait, PR Newswire]