Insurance provider Aetna Inc has given its approval for the StimRouter Neuromodulation System from Bioness Inc as medically necessary durable medical equipment for intractable neurogenic pain.

Intractable neurogenic pain, otherwise known as chronic pain that originates in the peripheral nerve, is largely treated with opioids. The patient-controlled StimRouter system is FDA cleared to reduce such pain by targeting the affected peripheral nerve.

According to Valencia, Calif-based Bioness Inc, the coverage decision from Aetna Inc, effective March 8, could open the door to a new treatment option that is an alternative to opioids.

“Payers look at the long-term impact and cost effectiveness of devices closely when determining whether or not to extend coverage to members. Up until now patients suffering from intractable neurogenic pain have had limited treatment options and often had to pay for care that is considered experimental out of pocket,” says Todd Cushman, president and CEO of Bioness, in a media release.

“We are very pleased that Aetna has recognized the value that the StimRouter and other peripherally implanted nerve stimulation systems bring to their members. Gaining coverage from payers has always been part of the StimRouter strategy, and we believe this will support our efforts in attaining coverage from insurers.”

[Source: Bioness Inc]