“It’s like mind over matter, you listen to the music and keep up with the rhythm of the music. It’s very effective,” patient Fran says of her experience using the Biodex Gait Trainer™ 3 treadmill system.

She had been going to Body in Balance in Linwood, New Jersey for years. Her therapy sessions and classes help her through the limitations she experiences because of Parkinson’s.

Physical therapist Eleanor “Ellie” Hagan oversees the practice that has expanded to dominate two floors of a building. Since their inception, Biodex™ mobility devices have helped Ellie to efficiently rehabilitate patients, and keep individuals like Fran coming back. 

A few years ago, Body in Balance added a new Biodex Gait Trainer 3 treadmill system with music enhancement to their technology suite.

Stepping Up the Rhythm for Every Patient

With a range of music integration – from specially composed neurological music to Spotify gait training playlists – the Gait Trainer treadmill is an effective tool to help rehabilitate a diverse population of patients with mobility issues. As the first biomedical system to incorporate music in this way, it also helps to differentiate Body in Balance from the competition.

Fran claims her ability to move is totally different when she uses the Gait Trainer system, and she praises the combination of visual biofeedback and rhythmic music.

“It shows a little diagram of where your feet should be and at what pace you should be walking. It gives you a regular musical beat to keep up with.”

Ellie adds, “We put almost every patient on the music-enhanced Biodex Gait Trainer 3 because once they’re on it, and we turn on the music, we see that their posture improves, and their gait and cadence increases.”

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