WebPT has teamed with Modernizing Medicine to build a new interface that combines the WebPT EMR with Modernizing Medicine’s EMA, the ortho-specific electronic health record (EHR) system in the modmed Orthopedics suite.

The goal with the new interface is to allow multiple members of a patient’s orthopedic care team—from the surgeon to the physical therapist—to securely share information throughout the care episode, thus reducing inefficiencies and redundancies in orthopedic clinics and outpatient rehabilitation facilities.

“Physical therapy is crucial to ensuring patients get the most out of their orthopedic treatment, because it sets them up for success once they return to their normal routines,” says WebPT CEO Nancy Ham, in a media release.

“This collaboration with Modernizing Medicine will help eliminate gaps in data as patients progress through their care journeys—thus preventing gaps in treatment. That is the real downstream value-add of this interface.”

Once completed, this interface is intended to allow private practices specializing in orthopedics and outpatient physical therapy to share patient information with the patient’s orthopedic team throughout the episode of care, reduce manual processes, and document efficiently, thus, saving time, per the release.

“Orthopedic surgeons using EMA should experience time savings and better support of our patients throughout the continuum of care with the addition of WebPT,” adds Jason Weisstein, MD, MPH, the medical director of orthopedics at Modernizing Medicine, in the release. “The right technology can reduce manual documentation to make life easier, and this is an excellent example.”

[Source(s): WebPT Inc, Business Wire]