As part of Global Physical Therapy Day of Service on October 14, physical and occupational therapy students from the University of St Augustine for Health Sciences (USAHS) Austin, Tex, campus are volunteering at Sunshine Soccer Clinic.

During the event, taking place at Sunshine Soccer of Central Texas, the students will team with the clinic to help teach soccer skills to children with special needs.

This collaboration between the university and the Sunshine Soccer Clinic is being led by USAHS Doctor of Physical Therapy faculty member, Megan Flores, PT, MPT, PCS, according to a media release from USAHS.

Sunshine Soccer Clinic pairs children with special needs with physical and occupational therapy students in order to provide an opportunity for youth to interact with peers in a team sport, to be active using their unique abilities, and to move and explore their environment in a safe way. The events also provide parents with an opportunity to connect with other families facing similar challenges, per the release.

“The Sunshine Soccer Clinic is a unique program that enables physical and occupational therapy students to gain hands-on experience in their field,” said Dr. Hannah Haro, an alumna of USAHS, “but the main goal is for the kids to get outside, move, and have fun together.”

Sunshine Soccer was founded by professional soccer player Sonny Guadarrama, a native of Austin, Tex, who recently retired from play after 11 years, and physical therapist Melissa Meyer.

The next Sunshine Soccer Clinic is taking place on Saturday, October 14, from 7:45 to 9:00 am.

[Source(s): University of St Augustine for Health Sciences, PR Newswire]