Dynatronics Corporation announces that the third phase of equipment installation for the University of Utah’s athletic facilities—this time in the gymnastics department—has recently been completed.

As a supplier of exercise, training and sports equipment to the Pac-12 University of Utah, the Salt Lake City-headquartered company previously completed installations of equipment for the University’s basketball and football teams.

During the most recent phase, the company installed therapeutic modalities, sports equipment, training tables, and custom cabinetry for the gymnastics team, explains a media release from the company.

“Our 2-year relationship with the University of Utah has been a win-win for both organizations,” states Dynatronics Chairman and CEO Kelvyn H. Cullimore Jr, in the release.

“In addition to fostering a deeper relationship with the University, our involvement in this project allowed us to expand our presence throughout the Pac-12 Conference, while the University enhanced its ability to recruit and compete at a higher level with state-of-the-art equipment in its highly rated athletic departments,” he adds.

“As we entered the Pac-12 Conference, it was important that we have first class training equipment and facilities to both effectively treat our student athletes and attract new recruits,” Trevor Jameson, director of athletic training at the University of Utah, comments in the release.

“In all three phases, Dynatronics has exceeded our expectations with its ability to customize our training rooms and meet the needs of our student athletes and athletic trainers,” Jameson continues.

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[Source(s): Dynatronics Corp, PR Newswire]