Spine Care Technologies Inc, headquartered in Hauppauge, NY, announces it has entered a strategic alliance with Intelligent Product Solutions (IPS), a subsidiary of Forward Industries.

New York-based IPS offers expert product design and engineering services, including Internet of Things (IoT), software application development, and wearable technology solutions, according to a media release.

“This new alliance with IPS impacts our core strategy on many fronts and will help us enhance existing products and develop next generation spine care technologies,” says Roland Kiser, president & chief executive officer of Spine Care Technologies, in the release.

Roland further commented that “IPS pioneered a new model for product development that integrates the full spectrum of design and engineering disciplines as a single source solution,” he adds.

Mitch Maiman, President & CEO of IPS, comments in the release that, “We are happy to support Spine Care Technologies with its product development efforts and, given its current strategy, we decided to align ourselves as a valuable strategic partner.”

Spine Care Technologies Inc’s flagship product, the FDA-cleared Extentrac Elite, is designed to deliver non-surgical, drug-free, disc and spine care treatments to help manage low back pain.

[Source: Spine Care Technologies Inc]