Patient generation health data (PGHD) provider SensorRX Inc has acquired Welltodo LLC, developer of the iPhone migraine management application Migraine Coach.

“We are excited to complete this acquisition soon and support the transition of Migraine Coach users,” states SensorRX CEO Tripp Winn, in a media release from the Charlotte, NC-based company.

SensorRX is also the producer of the mobile app MigrnX, a migraine tracking system designed to integrate with electronic health records to help improve patient care.

“This is a win for migraine and chronic disease sufferers alike,” says Chris Cardinal, co-founder and CEO of Welltodo, in a media release.

“SensorRX’s partnerships with healthcare systems, resources and talented leadership will move us toward our ultimate goal of leveraging data and technology to reduce the burden that chronic disease places on individuals’ lives and on business’ bottom line.”

[Source(s): SensorRX, PR Newswire]