PT Management Support Systems (PTM) President Cary Edgar recently published an article presenting his views about the APTA’s stance regarding physician-owned physical therapy.

The article was featured in eConnect, the publication of the Texas Orthopaedic Association, and in it, Edgar contradicted the American Physical Therapy Association’s (APTA) views that physician-owned physical therapy results in overutilization and excessive medical costs, according to a media release from PTM.

The article addresses recent studies published by the General Accounting Office, Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation, and Forum for Health Economics and Policy.

According to Edgar, per the release, “[t]hree recent, rigorous and comprehensive studies, one of which was essentially sponsored by the APTA, clearly show that physical therapy provided within orthopaedic surgery and other physician groups actually result in fewer procedures and lower costs than physical therapy provided in practices owned by therapists. These studies directly contradict the more than 20-year-old studies cited by the APTA as support for its continued attempts to bar physician groups from providing physical therapy to their patients.”

To view the article, visit eConnect.

[Source(s): PT Management Support Systems, PRWeb]