Pop-Doc was written to help motivate post joint surgery patients and help them strengthen their recovery time during or after their physical therapy sessions.

Written by orthopedic surgeon David T. Neuman, MD, and physical therapist Karena Wu, PT, MS, CSCS and CPI, the book is described in a media release as an easy-to-follow, at-home recovery guide for postoperative patients. It features descriptions of exercises (demonstrated with photos) that patients can perform at home postsurgery.

“For years I have been asked by patients and other medical professionals if there was a comprehensive workbook of sorts that could really help guide patients through exercises that would help with recovery. It simply didn’t exist. I wrote this so patients don’t feel alone or confused about what to do after surgery,” Neuman explains in the release.

A soon-to-be-launched website will offer a social forum where patients can visit to talk about their joint pain or dysfunction, and their recovery. Book purchasers will also have access to the not-for-profit joint health initiative, Jeo-Joint Education Outreach, per the release.

[Source: Green Goddess Public Relations]