A recent CareerCast Job Rated report identifies slow-paced jobs for career-minded individuals who don’t like deadlines. Occupational therapist and physical therapist are among the top 10 choices, at No 8 and No 9, respectively.
Other job choices include conservationist, dietician, librarian, and massage therapist.

“Some people thrive under tight deadlines. However, deadlines can also cause stress, which negatively affects certain personalities. Deadlines are not only a contributing factor to stress in the workplace, but they are a significant cause of it,” says Kyle Kensing, online content editor, CareerCast, in a media release.

Among the 52 careers that scored the lowest for deadlines in the 2019 Jobs Rated report on stress, numerous professions work directly with consumers, clients, and patients. These include occupational therapist and speech pathologist.

The “deadlines” of these professions focus on helping those they work with reach their goals. Seeing results through to the finish, regardless of the time invested, is ultimately more important than a set date of completion.

Growing demand for preventive and alternative forms of healthcare also make non-deadline oriented jobs, such as physical therapists and dieticians, some of the most in-demand, the release continues.

To read the full report, including annual median salary and growth outlook (to 2026), visit CareerCast.

[Source(s): CareerCast, PR Newswire]