Device Benefit Management solutions provider IPG announces its partnership with DJO Global Inc’s Surgical Division to enable the provision of high-quality and cost-effective care.

The partnership also supports the delivery of value-based care for high-cost surgical procedures for IPG’s health plan clients and patients. The IPG platform enables surgeons, facilities, and device manufacturers to play an active role in the delivery of cost-effective surgical care, according to a media release from IPG.

“As health plans look to set up the right structure that aligns incentives in support of value based reimbursement, the IPG program truly sets the stage to drive quality and affordability from optimal device selection and utilization, and site of care to truly impact surgical costs. DJO Surgical’s products contribute to lowering surgical costs and patient out of pocket costs. A true win-win,” says Mark Russell, senior vice president of sales, marketing and commercial logistics for DJO Surgical.

“We are thrilled to work with innovative high quality manufacturers like DJO, who focus on lowering total episodic care through surgical efficiency for patients and health plans,” states Vince Coppola, president and CEO of IPG, per the release.

[Source(s): IPG, Business Wire]